Reducing the risk of error

Administrative tasks will comply with laws and regulations in Canada and you'll reduce your risk of professional error.

Universal canvas operations


During the creation of any new business, you will be guided and directed at completing each step. Our task model to follow helps you avoid any significant omissions in addition to informing you of the risk of the tasks that you are about to perform.


Compliance Director


You can set up your new business process in order to impose a validation step by your Director of Compliance. He will check the compliance, consistency and accuracy of the data before sending any application to the supplier.


Protection and monitoring


You get extra protection in case of dispute. All actions are visible in the client files: new business, activity, change, cancellation, outreach, etc.


Compliance with regulations


In addition to having an easy way to present your information in a compliance audit, your confidential files are maintained so as to prevent the loss, destruction or falsification of documents.


Updated daily forms


You get at any time, the latest version of all the forms available on the application. You can act with confidence by reducing your risk of errors.