A gain in efficiency through an enhanced business processes

Tireless, the optimized structure of the application is responsible for routine and repetitive steps allowing you to concentrate on the more complex functions of your job.




Adaption to technological innovations


Managing your files and offering you the best customer management tool available on the Web, iGeny helps you adapt to prevailing technological change.


  • • Accessible regardless of your location
  • • Accelerates the processing of your files
  • • Improves and simplifies the exchange of forms with customers
  • • Reduces the number of similar tasks to perform



Perfected customer support



With the help of an improved management, a concern of high compliance and an increased accessibility, you can offer a better service to your customers.


  • • Performs a reminder and tracking tasks to be processed
  • • Meets the growing demand for electronic document exchange
  • • Centralizes your files: NAS, contact information, relations, police, activities, etc..




Enhanced Security



Thanks to its consolidated system to curb fraud, your actions have greater protection and provide you a better peace of mind.


  • • Approval Mechanism by experienced staff
  • • Secure Server
  • • Custom login code
  • • Auto Logout