Optimized business management

Task automation and data management concentration reduce your administrative tasks and improve your performance

All customer data in one place


As well as your customer service requests, the centralization of records allows you to manage confidential information:


  • • Contact information
  • • Customer relations 
  • • Product list
  • • Requests for services and follow-up activities
  • • Personal records
  • • Your notes folder


High efficiency


You can access various applications that greatly improve your daily tasks. This saves a considerable amount of time for each saved action.


  • • Sending by email
  • • Registration adviser's codes
  • • Relationship management
  • • Simplified and accelerated form search
  • • The automated classification of records through scan-codes


When performing any step, iGeny PRO quickly suggests options that save you time and can protect you during risky actions.


  • • Form suggestions depend on the client's file
  • • Messages and reviews of actions that may be critical
  • • Support the management of service requests
  • • Creating supervised and structured activities to prevent errors and omissions